Quality Audits

Purpose and Scope

Quality audits in OrangeMegaSoftware serve the fundamental purpose of ensuring that all processes, products, and services meet the established standards and requirements. The scope of these audits encompasses various aspects such as software development, project management, customer support, and infrastructure management. By conducting regular audits, we aim to identify areas for improvement, mitigate risks, and enhance overall quality across the organization.

Audit Process

The audit process in follows a systematic approach, beginning with planning and preparation. This involves defining audit objectives, selecting appropriate audit criteria, and assembling an audit team comprising qualified professionals. During the execution phase, auditors conduct thorough evaluations of processes, documentation, and performance metrics against predefined standards and benchmarks

Continuous Improvement

Audit findings are not merely viewed as indicators of shortcomings but rather opportunities for growth and refinement. Following each audit, corrective actions and preventive measures are identified and implemented to address any identified non-conformities and prevent recurrence.

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